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Euan Evans’ work exists as a series of objects that sit on a knife edge between image and sculpture. His work is heavily laboured using densely woven printed surfaces, coppersmithing, and plaster etchings to discuss personal experiences through material processes. Through their form and materiality, these objects share a relationship with artifacts and narratives of his upbringing in the Cornish landscape. There is a repetition of scrap copper and an incorporation of objects from the artist's home, reflecting the experience of living among the south Caradon Copper mines. The woven surfaces are an adaptation of a popular primary school knotcraft from his childhood. Its structure allows Evans to combine different forms of printmaking and mixed media by slicing completed works into strips and interweaving them. 


Producing new structures from recycling and displacing material is an extension of a compositional practice Evans developed whilst studying Jazz at Leeds Conservatoire.

His most recent unfinished woven pieces are composed as sculptural graphic scores and influenced by the relocation to London.

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